aston martin db7 convertible volante 2dr (1996 to 2000) Review 510994

ASTON MARTIN DB7 CONVERTIBLE Volante 2dr (1996 to 2000) Review
How Exciting 1
Comfort 4
Fuel Economy 3
Great To Drive 4
Recommended 4
Reliability 5

Overall rating:
4 out of 5

Review pre owned by Sir Elton John and the additional stereo system has to be heard to be believed. the car is immmaculate following a custom manufacturer respray and new cream hyde. The suspension is extremely sporty and gives a real feel of the road. The acceleration is fantastic even now probably because the car has only done 29000 miles. twas a wonderful car to experience and the new owner should absorb the quality and then pass it on.
. . from Havering
Editor David Titmuss,
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